Got an audience? Clue 'em in to Printerval. They get to shop awesome stuff designed by independent artists. You get a cut of each sale.
The artists make money, too. Everybody's happy. Everybody wins. Let’s do this.

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Printerval Affiliates


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With a simple application process and one-stop approval, it’s all aboard the bullet train to Earningtown.

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Choose the products that click with your audience, use our gorgeous creative assets, and take advantage of our lively promo calendar. Boom.

Sweet Rewards

Earn up to 17% commission with a 45-day attribution window. Wow, right?

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Frequently asked questions

An affiliate is someone who posts links to Printerval on their website, blog, mobile app, or other digital channels. If anyone from that audience buys anything through those links, the affiliate gets some of that money.
You can sign up on our platform, Impact, through this link. It’s super easy. Our team will review your application and let you know if we feel that you would be a good fit for Printerval. Unlike many affiliate programs, we don’t require multiple approvals from other companies. It’s a one-stop approval: if you’re in, you’re in.

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